Incredible Self-Filling Water Bottle

Incredible Self-Filling Water Bottle

This phenomenal product which is in development by Fontus converts humid air into drinkable water. Small businesses called Fontus, based in Vienna, Austria developed the bottle . The c’s comes from a diverse background of businessmen, engineers and design. Their mission is always to create green products for the modern day society; to the improvement of quality lifestyle.

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“The Earth’s atmosphere contains around 13,000 square km of mostly unexploited freshwater. Fontus was invented to get an alternative way of collecting safe drinking water to regions where drought and unclean water really are a big issue.” The device works on the small solar panel to condense air and cool it, to drip feed in the water bottle; around .8 liters of water may be filled into the bottle every hour, within the proper weather conditions.

Water can be a precious resource and hopefully using this method catches on within the future…

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